If you lose your dog Author Mandy (Pigpadz  Bull Terriers)

 Notify the police and dog wardens, though the response of the police varies from station to station as they have no obligation to deal with lost dogs you occasionally get an officer who is a dog lover and is sympathetic. Keep on checking with the dog wardens they are not too hot on contacting owners.

www.doglost.co.uk they will give you free advice and support, create a poster and email to all helpers in your area and add details to their forum.

www.unmissabull.co.uk again your dog will be added to the site and we will email the details around to all our registered people. We work closely with Doglost

Get as many posters out as soon as possible, cover parks, pubs, shops, garages, taxi ranks etc.

Contact local vets including pdsa in case your dog is found and taken in if it is injured or to see if it is chipped, contact them whether your dog is chipped or not. Contact the RSPCA and any other dog rescue or dog welfare organisations in the area.

link to help you find vets in your area
link for dog wardens http://www.luton.gov.uk/internet/Environ..../DogWarden.html



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