Vaccination and/or Homeopathy- sources of information



Professer R D Schultz DVM PhD the world's leading veterinary immunologist, T R Phillips DVM and Dr. W. J. Dodds DVM have spent many years researching the effect that annual vaccinations have on pets.? Prof Schultz said 'a practice that was started many years ago and that lacks scientific validity or verification is annual vaccinations'
You will find papers written by Prof. Schultz on the Internet and in various animal magazines etc.

'What vets don't tell about vaccine - by Catherine O'Driscoll ISBN 095230483X.?
'Shock to the System' ISBN 0-9523048-4-8 for a broader view of health care for companion animals.
'The Treason Within' by Dr. John Millward ISBN 0954296869.? An expose of the role played by drug companies, government and doctors in ill health.? It also contains information about ways to improve health with complimentary health care.?

As an initial introduction to Homeopathy a booklet 'Homeopathy' ?2.99 is available by mail order from British Homeopathic Association Book Service Te. 0845 22 55 492.? A similar version for animals is available 'Homeopathy for your Pets' ?2.99 is also available.? ?

A more comprehensive guide and the best selling Homeopathic book in the UK? 'The Family Guide to Homeopathy' by Dr. Andrew Lockie ISBN. 0241135729 is available from Minerva Homeopathic Books tel 01255 760003. or Borders Books (new version due Jan 07, but Minerva stock the US edition - more freely available and cheaper)




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