Clyde has a varied diet he has Butchers tripe with mixer  biscuit meal twice a day or frozen packs of tripe (defrosted) from FORTHGLADE, Clyde very active  so it's difficult to keep weight on him. He also has table scraps and twice a week  he has grilled sausages  with mix vegtables or tinned pilchards with rice or pasta.

The BARF diet is popular amongst bullie owners but it wouldnt suit me personally. http://www.ukbarfclub.co.uk/ this website is brilliant very informative.


I have fed this in the past and it is excellent  quality and the staff are very helpful


It is very frustrating when a dog refuses to eat or just eats a mouthful then leaves it. When Clyde was younger he was very fussy but  I found certain things  tickled his taste buds hope some of these tips are useful.

When frying bacon pour fat over wholemeal bread and bake in the oven then break up and add to meat or fish. Sausages baked in oven cut into small pieces then added to rice or pasta with the fat from the sausages, this worked nine times out of ten!

Another good one for weight gain and fussy eaters is breast of lamb you can usually get it quite cheaply from Morrissons Clyde enjoys the stuffed breast of lamb. If you fry off mince beef/lamb/pork put the fat onto meal it works as a good appetiser.

Also I use a treat ball and put biscuits into  the ball, it always amuses me when Clyde was off hid food the biscuits in his bowl he would turn his nose up at, but if I put the biscuits from the bowl into the treat ball he would eat every last one

 Here is link for KONG recipies, a Kong is fantastic way of keeping your dog occupied, also when you go to training classes a good way of distracting your dog from barking whilst the other dogs are working.

This worked a treat when Clyde went to classes as a puppy he was always barking at the other dogs so trainer suggested  a stuffed Kong.



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