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Clyde and our new French Bulldog puppy addition Ernest 

My name is Maria Martin I live by the sea in North Devon with my hubby Pete & Clyde my English bull terrier.I fell in love with bullies after seeing an advert in the 80?s with Spuds Mackenzie I   always dreamed of one day owning a bull terrier.

I researched the breed and followed what was going on in the bull terrier world but was not in a position to own a bullie until 2005 where we were lucky enough to meet Keith and Viv we booked a puppy before they had even chosen a stud dog!! 

 I always wanted a white dog with a black patch Viv wanted a brindle bitch, guess what! I had my white dog with a black patch and Viv got her brindle bitch

Not bad considering there were 4 pups in the litter all gorgeous!




Partners in crime!




                          Best friends....




This website is for anyone wanting to look at photos with advice on this fascinating breed.  Hope you enjoy don?t forget to sign the guest book!! If you would like any advice then please do not hesitate to contact me, if I do not have the answer I will know someone that does!! Also  check me out on Facebook. Visitors are always welcome but please phone first.



 My baby pig.. 













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Clyde posing..


Clyde at 6 years old in the garden


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